Procedure to Get Birth Certificate from BMC (MCGM) Mumbai, Maharashtra

Just wanted to share my experience for getting birth certificate from BMC (MCGM) Mumbai.

  • For getting Birth Certificate from BMC, Mumbai I went through agent just to save time of visiting and waiting in queue  at BMC office. If others have visited personally then please share their experience in the comment section.
  • My child was born at Hospital in Powai and the hospital gave me form to fill immediately after birth. Please fill this form correctly (legible CAPITAL letters) as it is possible to fill details casually with mistakes at the moment of ecstasy and excitement. You have option to fill baby name in it but it is not mandatory. If you are not very sure then better not to fill name, as you can add name while getting birth certificate from BMC office. Hospital nurse told me that they send the child birth information form to S-Ward BMC office at LBS Road, Near Mangat Ram Petrol Pump, Bhandup West(As powai was falling under S-ward) and i can collect birth certificate from BMC S-Ward office in Bhandup after two months.
  • After around 40 days of birth i visited S-ward office on a working day around 12 noon. Somebody inform me that birth certificate is collected from their CFC (Customer Facilitation Centre) at ground floor. But there was a huge queue of crowd and kind of agitated environment as BMC employees were saying that the counter time is just 9 AM to 12 noon and it is closed. People were angry because most of them were standing in the queue since morning and then they were asked to leave as time was over without providing service to them.
  • BMC person told us that CFC is open from 9 AM to 12 noon on weekdays. 2nd and 4th Saturdays of the month are holidays. He advised us to come around 8 in the morning and collect small 2 page form from the office and stand in the queue. Required document was just a copy of discharge summary of hospital.
  • Then i searched birth certificate agent No. on justdial and called him. He said that total expense (including his charges) would be 300/- for five copies of birth certificate (BMC charge is I guess only 10/- or 20/- per copy of birth certificate).
  • He asked me to visit his shop and fill birth certificate application form. it was just two page form  ( Scanned Copy of BMC Birth Certficate Application Form can be accessed here , Print-out of form should work in my opinion) in which name of child, parents name, date of birth, address of parents, place of birth was to be mentioned. If you haven’t mentioned name of child at hospital form. You can mention name in this application form and it will get printed on birth certificate. Even if you haven’t finalized name yet you can leave name filed blank and birth certificate may be issued without child’s name on it. But then later sometime you have to again apply to BMC for adding name of child in birth records and i guess you have to submit some affidavit for that.
  • Agent told me to fill name of child carefully in clear block letters as it is impossible to get it changed later once registered in the BMC records. I guess there is no provision to change name in birth certificate later so be careful while filling.
  • He said he ll call me in 1-2 days whenever birth certificate becomes ready. Next day he called me and said that birth certificate is ready and i collected 5 duly stamped original copies of birth certificate from him. Thanks to God all details were correct and i got it without any inconvenience.
  • Though I went through agent, but seems getting from BMC directly is also not difficult. As hospital already send details to the BMC office. They usually register details in their database in 45 to 60 days after receiving it from  the hospital. And you just have to stand in long queue there along with copy of discharge summary of hospital to get as many copy as required of Birth Certificate by paying minimal fee.
  • Please also share your personal experiences here.
  • Many other blogs claim that birth certificate can be applied online through MCGM site. But that page doesn’t seems to be working.
  • By clicking here you can reach on page of BMC site where you can search details of all registered births by entering date of birth and Ward in which hospital is located . Put date of registration range from date of birth to current date. Strangely it gives you result of all registered births , which in my personal opinion not required to be displayed to whole  public.

Relevant Documents and Link

  • Sample copy of Birth Certificate of BMC Mumbai is given below. Personal details omitted due to privacy reason

Birth Certificate Mumbai Sample


Procedure for Change of Name in Electricity Bill of MSEDCL (Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd.), Mumbai

Procedure for Transfer of Electricity Connection of MSEDCL Mumbai

In this post, I am going to write down detailed procedure for changing name in Electricity Connection Bill of MSEDCL in Mumbai. This is based upon my personal experience, which I faced when I purchased a flat in resale in Mumbai during 2012.

You can download required forms from website of MSEDCL

In my case all officials I dealt with were honest and I was never required to pay any chai-paani (bribe) etc. But no doubt the process was lengthy and there were 4-5 steps involved in it. And in my locality I had to visit 3 different offices (In vicinity of each other though not in same complex) for accomplishing the same. In your case all three might be in same complex depending upon the area you live in.

You will require following list of documents in case of purchase of flat :

  1. Application Form for Change of Name
  2. Form A1 (Only first page is required to be filled)
  3. One passport size photo pasted on Form A1
  4. Form-U (It contains NOC which is to be signed by Old Consumer)
  5. Undertaking from a New Consumer on Stamp Paper of INR 100 (Format given as Annexure-A in Form-U). It is for the purpose of indemnifying MSEDCL.
  6. Identity Proof (PAN/UID/Driving License/Passport etc) with your correct Name.
  7. Notary Attested copy of Sale Deed/Agreement of Sale of Flat
  8. Copy of latest Electricity Bill along with copy of Payment Receipt of the same.
  9. Copy of Society Share Certificate if issued/ Letter from Society on its Letterhead acknowledging that you are the current owner as per their records and MSEDCL can transfer connection in your name. (Documents in Step 9 are not mandatory, as I got it transferred without submitting these)

You can start with the process even if it is taking time for you to gather all above documents. Following steps depicts the whole process:

  1. First step is to get the meter testing done by Electricity Supply office of your area. To achieve this you have to follow these steps:
    1. Visit Electricity Supply office with copy of your any electricity bill, there a person of Engineer rank will issue you Challan Form for Meter Testing, on which he will fill your Consumer No, Meter No, Address etc. and will sign it. On this form, he may write either your name or old consumer’s name, which does not matter. Ensure your consumer No. is correctly filled on this. He will also mention a fee of INR 100 in it as Meter Testing Charges.
    2. Now take one photocopy of the Challan Form signed by Engineer earlier and go to Bill payment counter (which may be in separate office). Show them Challan and its photocopy and pay INR 100 there. He will give you receipt of paid amount and will also fill the receipt No. on Challan Form and may retain the photocopy of Challan with him.
    3. Now take one photocopy of both receipt and Challan Form. Go back to Electricity Supply office and submit Original Challan Form along with copy of receipt and copy of your electricity bill too technician there. Their technician will visit your society in next 3-4 days for meter testing (seems they have some machine with which they check whether meter is running fine or not) and will submit testing report to you at home. If you usually don’t stay home try to convey him that you don’t stay at home in office hours and will collect testing report from his office personally.
    4. In next 2-3 days technician may visit you and give you report or else you check with him personally and collect the testing report. Sometimes these technician may handover you testing report on the same day even without visiting your society, depends upon your luck. On this testing Report you have to get signature of Engineer again who issued you earlier Challan.
  2. Now with this testing report, Challan, copy of receipt of 100/- and along with all the nine documents listed above in the post you have to visit their Customer Service Office. There supervisor will check all your documents and if they are in order, he will retain all the documents and will issue you another Challan for transfer charges of INR 25.
  3. Now take photocopy of this challan form and again visit the bill payment counter for depositing INR 25 for transfer fee (Similar to step 1.B above). He will retain the copy of challan and will give you receipt of 25/- and will also mention receipt No. on Challan. Now take the copy of this challan and receipt for your own records and submit the originals back to the Customer Service Office where they will attach these with earlier submitted documents.
  4. Now process from your side is done and MSEDCL employees would change name in their records in next 8-10 days. Though there is acknowledgement format given at the end of Form-U, they didn’t give me any acknowledgement of Documents submitted. After 15 days my electricity bill got issued and I got relieved to see my name on it and thus electricity connection got transferred to my name.

Other Points to be Noted:

  • On Form-U, you have to take signature of old consumer on No objection on transfer of connection and deposit amount in your name. If it is not possible for you to take his signature as he might not be reachable by you, even then also I guess there is no issue in transferring connection to your name, as you submit undertaking on stamp paper for indemnifying MSEDCL against any claim.
  • Someone also told me that if you carry society’s letter and old consumer’s NOC then you don’t need to submit undertaking on stamp paper. I am not sure about this , it is better to submit this as well as this is not difficult to make.
  • I had to pay very nominal charges only 125/- for which I got proper receipts but the process was very cumbersome. Be patient while following his lengthy process because in the end it would be done.
  • In Maharashtra there is trend of adding Father’s name or Husband name as your middle name. If you don’t want that then keep the Father’s name column empty in Form A-1.

Please give your feedback and add comments about your experience of transferring electricity connection in your name.

How money is created

An excellent video of about 50 minutes on how do banks create money out of thin air.

It explains very nicely how banking system might have evolved historically to fractional reserve banking system. Story of Goldsmith starting a bank is excellent one and example of new private bank’s opening is also very simple and insightful.

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